Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries – Top 10 Most Efficient In 2020

Having trouble starting up your golf cart? Does your cart find it difficult for ignition?

Then, most probably is a problem occurring due to the batteries. No problem!

We have top of the list Best 6v golf cart batteries to make your search easy..:)

You may assume that there is a screw loose or a faulty wire in the battery which is causing the vehicle to shut down or be unable to start up and think that few touches and tweaks may get It back to it’s “good as a new state”, but that is not the case.



Let us enlighten you to the fact that this issue is not to be taken lightly since such electrical components can prove to have fatal consequences if not conducted properly.

You need to make sure your battery is completely reliable, 100% functional, and that It is brand new for it to have the least chances of harmful contingencies.

Batteries are what powers the whole circuit process and are absolutely crucial for the machine; therefore you cannot risk getting a battery for your cart that Is undependable and erratic.

Your golf cart is very essential because it is a mode of transportation, which is indeed, If not, the most revolutionary invention of mankind, providing all sorts of benefits including its efficiency and how less time consuming it makes our travels or journeys, and It does so with quite the comfort and ease.

In this case, we have 6V deep cart batteries, which are essentially batteries for your golf carts.

The Batteries we will enlist and provide you will be cost-efficient since you will not feel the need to replace them for a longer period of time.

So that whether you are riding through the fields or getting to your next pothole destination, our batteries can be trusted on.

So, there is quite the range, as these batteries vary in quality and, as stated before, in prices as well.

Henceforth, we bring to you our top ten 6V cart batteries for you and hope to offer the best products according to your demands.

10) Power Sonic PS-6100 6V 12AH F1 Rechargeable Battery – Golf Cart Battery

Power Sonic PS-6100 6V 12AH F1 Rechargeable Battery - Golf Cart Battery


In at number 10, we have the Power sonic battery model PS-6100 F1.

This battery, as stated, is rechargeable and has the capability to be fixed in any position while being able to withstand shocks along with vibrations. It weighs about 24 pounds which also stand as its shipping weight.

Apart from that, the battery’s physical specifications determine its length being 5.95 cm, width spanning about 2 cm and height reaching until 3.86 cm. Furthermore, it can be used for backup power, solar setups etc.


Power sonic manages to deliver longevity with this piece of product of theirs because this battery contains deep discharge capability, enabling longer period of use of this back up battery.

It is made from solid and rough material along with being sealed with lead acid which enables it to resist any leakage or harm from any sort of atmosphere.

However, these batteries don’t quite seem to support many golf carts, but appear to work for many other electronically based purposes, for instance, medical mobility, motorcycles, Emergency lighting etc.


Since these come short on amperage, they struggle to put up with a golf cart for long, so they are not recommended for someone planning for a long term use of a golf cart.
  • Multiple electronic purposes
  • Pocket friendly
  • Leak resistant


    9) 36volt 18amp Golf Cart Battery 

    36volt 18amp Golf Cart Battery 


    At number 9, we bring to you a fully automatic Accusense charger’s 36volt 18amp golf art battery charger which is only suitable for Ez go carts.

    This battery is manufactured with steel and plastic. It is 36Vdc with an output of 18Adc along with and input of 120Vaz 60 Hz. Upon purchase, it comes with a relay for power conservation.

    It has a large analog meter along with a 5 L.E.D no spark charging and a multi-step charging function pre-equipped test stage which tests the state of the accumulator, then develops it with a particular test charge functions to further prepare the battery for a more efficient charging rate.

    Its shipping weighs around 29 to 30 pounds, whereas its measurements display the height to be 6.2 inches, width 10.2 inches and length 6.9 inches which according to its predecessor, in this list, is much larger.

    In this product, Accusense provides great efficiency, as well as instant charging and storage feature for longer period of time.

    Unlike the previous addition, this battery is perfect for golf carts, however for specific type of golf carts.

    This powerful golf cart battery charger has a weatherized system which contributes to its length of service and also makes it more dependable and well grounded.

    It is a great battery for selective golf carts, since it indeed comes true to its motto “distinctly smart battery charger”.


    • Weatherized system
    • Efficient
    • Comes with a relay for power conservation


      8)  Rechargeable Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery 

      Rechargeable Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery 


      Up next is Expert power’s deep cycle battery which is also rechargeable.

      Being a product of Expert power, it is deemed to perform well, since expert power in being a sealed lead acid battery has quite the repute among its customers, who compliment this battery’s reliability.

      This battery makes use of absorbed glass mat technology and offers wide range of temperatures.

      Apart from that, it is easy to use and maintain, as it requires just one-time investiture, It will be up and running in no time. Furthermore, its dimensions explain 7.7 x 5.2 x 6.3 inches.

      This item weighs 23.2 pounds, whereas the shipping weight is 24.6 pounds. In accounts of how safe this is, it is certified by DOT.

      Be it the security of your household, the functioning of your vehicle, or just a personal hobby, this product is highly recommended.

      Supplying a total of 33A amperage, this battery services different types of vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, marine crafts, etc

      However, the use of this battery is not highly advisable for golf carts because they require 180 amperes, but these batteries only supply 33. If this is to work for golf carts, then multiple pieces of this batteries would be required.

      Given a 4.3 rating out of a 5 star, we believe this battery is great option, but only those who need to install it in a device which consumes less electricity, as this provides limited amperes.

      • Rechargable
      • Offers wide range of temperatures
      • Easy to use and maintain


        7) FORM 18 AMP EZGO TXT  Golf Cart Battery 

        FORM 18 AMP EZGO TXT  Golf Cart Battery 


        Form 18 AMP EZGO TXT Battery charger is in at number 7. This Battery is fitting for 36-volt Golf carts only. Having a “D” style plug, it powers 36-volt golf carts at any position.

        Meaning, it has an incredible 16ft length of wires, so making it more comfortable and flexible for you to park at your will, without having trouble of the cable not reaching your cart.

        Its user-friendly design pleads to satisfy in every way, being 6.1 pounds, it weighs quite less and the fact that it is portable, which makes it ideal because then, you can take it wherever and whenever you want.

        Its stature demonstrates 8.2 x 4.8 x 2.8 dimensions.

        Moreover, this battery serves 18 amperes and 36 volts, which is what allows it to charge golf cart batteries.

        Batteries get charged casually in 4 to 6 hours which is really efficient and allow you to actually make use of the cart, instead of it collecting dust in your garage.

        Provided this is a smart charger, it charges the batteries up until they’re fully done, after that, it enters maintenance mode, during which it will monitor the levels and turn back onto charging mode when, or if, the battery bar decreases.

        This is called the trickle feature that is really beneficial if you take long intervals in hopping back in your cart! ,  considering its features and what it provides, the price is completely justified, especially the trickle feature is a huge plus, because many cart batteries break down due to being overcharged.

        Hence, it receives a rating of 4.7 from the customers!

        • Userfriendly design
        • Portable, since it weighs less
        • Fast and efficient charging


          6) Interstate Sealed Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery 

          Interstate Sealed Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery 


          This product of Interstate batteries makes it to our top 6. It is another sealed lead acid AGM deep cycle battery of 12 Volts and 35AH.

          This can act as a replacement and can be installed in myriads of machinery such as scooters, leisure lifts, jazzy chairs, Kubota mowers, etc.

          Since it is sealed with acid, this battery prevents any sort of leakage and break. It works best for mobility machinery that requires heavy power.

          Its physical specifications determine its height to be 6.42 inches, width 5.16 inches and length is 7.68 inches. Its weight is 22.9 pounds and shipping weight being 23.9 pounds.

          This battery requires no maintenance and it offers the flexibility of mounting orientation.

          Also, It has removable handles, and this battery suits golf carts and can work for the long term, although some products showed fault as they did not fulfill customer’s satisfaction.

          One of the plus points for this battery is that it is comparatively smaller than its usual deep cycle golf batteries and so provides more freedom in terms of where you can use it and on what you can use it.

          It is made with quality material, therefore it is a lot more durable. Along with allowing efficient charging, it is a cheap build as well which gives good power for upto two hours.

          However, this interstate battery is only fitting to be in use as a secondary supply on a small craft with a smaller trolling motor.

          Moreover, this battery is vulnerable to being overcharged, and as discussed in the previous battery, it had a trickle mode which prevented overcharging problem, but this interstate battery does not have the same.

          If there happens to be cold weather and the battery is in a lower temperature, the battery will struggle to survive and function.

          • Multiple usage
          • Prevents break and leakage
          • Perfect for heavy machinery
          • Efficient charging
            Multiple usage
            Prevents break and leakage
            Perfect for heavy machinery
            Efficient charging


            5) Trojan Deep Cycle Flooded Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery 

            Trojan Deep Cycle Flooded Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery 


            This is a single deep cycle battery from Trojan ranking on at number 5. It is a very large and heavy unit of maroon color, supplying 6 voltage and 225 mAh amperage having the ability of deep discharge recovery.

            It weighs an immense 64 pounds, whereas its shipping weight is 66 pounds. The products dimensions are; 10.4 x 7.1 x 10.9.

            Nevertheless, this battery is very dependable and reliant, as it provides great quality of power supply in a spontaneous non-stop transfer.

            They have a great life span and the lowest amount of cost per amp power rate.

            Renewable energy applications need quite the requirements, as the battery undergoes rigorous and challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, and so, this Trojan battery is capable of resisting those conditions, making it an ideal option for renewable energy system.

            This battery is really suitable for golf carts and is engineered to perform well

            The mesh between Trojans thicker internal grid and its vigorous maxguard t2 seperator along with high density paste furnishes a state of the art battery which succeeds in edging other competitions.

            Along with being quite durable, this battery is not corrosive, generates gas, has efficient recharge ability and great power volume.

            However, these advantages come at a cost, since they require quite the maintenance which proves to be a burden.

            It needs constant watering, along with equalizing of charges to make it sustainable.

            • Resistance to extreme conditions
            • Not corrosive
            • Efficient recharge ability
            • Great power volume


              4) QTY 6 VMAX 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery 

              QTY 6 VMAX 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery 


              This battery comes in a pack of 6 and is a product of VMAX that makes it to being number 4 at our list. It has float service that has service life of up to 9 years.

              VMAX tanks use an electrolyte suspension system which contains absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology, that too of good amount of absorption rate that plays its part in soaking up and containing the electrolyte.

              Part of the float service advantages include the relief of burdening maintenance.

              There will not be the need of usual observation of water and electrolyte volume, nor will you need to add water during its period span of float service.

              Furthermore, these batteries have powerful lead-tin alloys that provide an extra layer of membrane, boosting the performance and increasing protection.

              Since it is a pack of six, altogether they add up to 600 pounds of shipping weight, in contrast, a single battery’s shipping weight is 77 pounds. Its length is 9.5 inch, width is 7.3 inches and height is 11 inch for a single battery.

              VMAX batteries are shut and closed up; therefore they can be installed in any position as well. Additionally, it can be proof against rough conditions such as vigorous vibrations, critical weather and high temperature.

              Nonetheless, moving on to our million dollar question, “Will this work for a golf cart?”.

              The answer is YES! This battery will be perfect for golf carts.

              • 9+ service life
              • Excellent AGM technology
              • Proof against rough conditions and temperate


                3) Universal Power Group 6V Golf Cart Battery 


                Universal Power Group 6V Golf Cart Battery 


                Here at the spot number 3, we are presented with the Universal Power Group 6V 1.3Ah Backup Battery by Energy.

                This battery is also closed with sealed lead acid along with absorbed glass matt which results in your battery being resistant to any kind of liquid leakage and grants the battery better performances.

                Like many other batteries, it is also a rechargeable battery that can be installed in any spot while being able to stand against vibrations and extreme shocks.

                Apart from having a lower self-discharge rate, provide its dimensions, this battery also fits quite well.

                Nevertheless, unlike any other in this list, this battery packs a punch, but does so in a very compact and small embodiment.

                Yes, this product’s battery is very small and especially bijou. It weighs just 9.6 ounces and 1.5 pounds being its shipping weight.

                The dimensions are inscribed as; width 3.8 inches, height exactly 1 inch and length 2.2 inches. Some of the recurrent uses for this battery include engine starters, garden tools, power sports etc.

                However, since this is a replacement battery, you need to have the wires and tools to install which is really simple with this battery.

                For golf carts this battery is perfectly suitable and works just fine. What also accounts to why you should purchase this is because it is very cheap and convenient.
                • Stands against shocks and vibrations
                • Lower self-discharge rates
                • Not costly


                  2)Deep Cycle Camper RV Boat Solar Wind Golf Cart Battery 

                  Deep Cycle Camper RV Boat Solar Wind Golf Cart Battery 


                  And the penultimate spot (number 2) imparts us with NPP’s Deep Cycle Camper Golf Cart RV Boat Solar Wind Battery.

                  This product from NPP has been made from a very robust material which is an insulated ABS plastic, enabling this battery to be repellant from shocks, vibration, extreme weather, and high temperatures.

                  This piece weighs essentially 65 pounds which also stands as its shipping weight. This is a moderately sized battery having dimensions of 12.1 x 6.7 x 8.7 inches.

                  It is conditioned with a vent valve which ventilates the extra gas gathered up inside for extra safety and a terminal laced with copper or lead which maximizes the supply of power.

                  This battery is very long lasting, because of positive plates which not only prolongs the service life, but reduces corrosion.

                  Also, and has a fast charging rate, evidently, wiring it with a 12v supply topped off by a me2012 inverter charger, it will give you 80% charging in less than an hour, that too with a 15 amp charge rate.

                  Negative plates are inserted as well which allow the utilization of the unique Pbca alloy grids to develop the recombination speed and decrease harmful gas production.

                  It is well equipped for being used by e.g , standby power supply, telephone switching system, uninterrupted power supply, RV etc.

                  Apart from that, it can be used for a golf cart with no reluctance, since it is bound to perform well. It is priced around 1VMAX

                  • Shock repellant
                  • Gas ventilation through vent valve
                  • Long lasting and less corrosions


                    1. High Capacity & Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Solar Wind Golf Cart Battery 

                    High Capacity & Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Solar Wind Golf Cart Battery 


                    Finally, at the number 1 position comes a product of VMAX that is VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery.

                    Just like the previous product of VMAX this has some same features including float service that has functioning life of up to 9 years.

                    VMAX tanks use an electrolyte suspension system which contains absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology, that too of good amount of absorption rate that plays its part in soaking up and containing the electrolyte.

                    Part of the float service advantages includes the relief of burdening maintenance.

                    There will not be the need of usual observation of water and electrolyte volume, nor will you need to add water during its period span of float service.

                    Furthermore, these batteries have powerful lead tin alloys that provide an extra layer of membrane, boosting the performance and increasing protection.

                    This product of VMAX weighs 77 pounds as its shipping weight. Its dimension is 9.5 x 7.3 x 11 inches.


                    • Long functioning life
                    • Good absorption rate (AGM technology)
                    • Increased protection


                      Now we will answer some common inquiries regarding the golf cart batteries.

                      How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

                      Golf cart batteries’ longevity sometimes depends upon the type of battery, of what company it is, the features it is furnished with, and, most importantly, the maintenance you nurture it, for instance, watering and constant observation of electrolyte level which is very important.

                      Another problem that can shorten the service life of your cart batteries is the problem of overcharging which is done as a form of maintenance but needs to be over looked with care.

                      Although, on average your golf cart battery should be functioning and supplying power for you about at least 5 years. Apart from that, the lifespan is affected upon the usage of the golf cart.

                      The golf cart that is often used 2-3 times a day is bound to last an estimate of 4 to 6 years, whereas on a golf cart that is used 3-5 times a day is estimated to last 6 to 10 years.

                      The worst period of time a battery may provide you is a minimum of three years and the best period of time is a maximum of ten years, provided how it is dealt with and while considering its factors.

                      How To Test Golf Batteries?

                      You can test a golf cart battery through many ways, one of which is through a digital voltmeter. A digital voltmeter will read the voltage and electricity levels in your battery and display them.

                      With those readings, you can determine what is malfunctioning and correct it. Another way to test your batteries is through a multimeter.

                      For that, you need to firstly charge up your battery, set the multimeter to 200 volts DC and use it across the posts of each individual battery.

                      Since we have a 6 volts battery the reading should display number slightly greater than 6. Anything less than that would be inappropriate and your battery would have failed the test.

                      One more way to test the batteries successfully is t check the battery level and then take it out to ride e.g to a 10 acre property and back which does not use up much battery.

                      If your battery is depleted more than usual, then it is at fault.


                      How To Charge Golf Batteries?

                      Charging of batteries is an essential priority for your golf cart, since you have to charge the battery after every se of the cart.

                      There are steps to be taken while charging your batteries. Firstly, we need to park the cart in a suitable environment that has proper ventilation, so that gasses do gather up during the charging process.

                      After that, the temperature surrounding should be moderate, stable, and not very high.

                      Observe the voltage settings and see if they are as stated by the instruction and do the necessary compensation for the temperatures over 80 degree Fahrenheit.

                      Check if the water levels are appropriate and then shut tight the vent caps. Finally, you can charge the battery that is not complicated at all.

                      You just need to hook up the wire and connect it to the battery all while following the above steps to correctly charge your batteries.

                      How Long To Charge Golf Batteries?

                      The time taken to completely charge a battery differs from battery to battery.

                      The factor that influences how long a battery takes to charge is how old or how much the battery has been used.

                      If the battery is a newly bought one off the vendor, then it would charge a lot faster as compared to a battery that has been in use for a year or 2.

                      Usually, an average golf cart battery takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to completely charge up to max. The discharge of the battery accounts for the factors affecting the time for a battery to charge up.

                      The longer you ride your cart, the more power is discharged and the more it is depleted, and so, the more time it needs on to replenish its battery levels.

                      However, critical discharge of your battery can prove fatal and harmful for your battery.

                      Having an automatic battery is more preferable because then, we would not have to monitor the battery charging, the charger would itself turn off after charging.

                      It is not necessary to charge the battery until it is 100% full, as you can go out with even an 85% filled battery, but then your battery will discharge more quickly.

                      How To Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

                      Maintenance of a battery is absolutely necessary for the battery since it affects the battery’s performance and even is detrimental upon the lifespan of the battery.

                      A well-maintained battery could last up to 10 years at max, but a battery not maintained well will struggle to go past its 3rd year. There are many attributes making up the maintenance of the golf battery.

                      Charging your battery after every ride is essential, as it prevents the battery from being critically discharged.

                      Another problem associated with battery charging is that you need not to overcharge the batteries which is very vital not to do because it can result in permanent damage.

                      You can clean the batteries with a bristle brush and sprayed with an anti-corrosive spray to keep it from rusting and clean the top of batteries as well, since they need to be dry and sealed. Furthermore, we should regularly observe the water levels, as well as fill them if needed.